Child Summer safety

This message was posted to our email list last year and is just as relevant this summer as well. MAI thanks our member who brought this matter to everyone’s attention. All backyard swimming pools must be emptied completelyevery time that they are not being used. Even if your backyard is fenced in, the swimming pools must be emptied. It takes only one inch of water for a child to drown. It takes only 15 seconds for a child to drown. Children must be supervised at all times while using a backyard pool. From my window I now see 2 pools with water in them – in fenced-in backyards. Drownings are on the rise in Quebec. There were 2 just last week-end – 1 in a backyard pool with a fence. Our community has had its share of drownings r”l. halacha mandates min hatorah that one construct a fence around  a pool. Yet, a child in the recent past managed to squeeze through such a fence with fatal results. It takes less time to empty a pool than it does to attend a levaya, ch”v”sh. So please, an ounce of prevention is worth a life. Let’s do all we can to protect our most valuable assets, our children.
MAI thanks the member who once again brought this matter to everyone’s attention. For more about summer Safety, the Canadian Federal Government put up on their website a partial list of summer safety topics. 
Have a Gezunte Summer!

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