Community Calendar

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This page is under construction. Please use the menu above to access our Events and Shul Calendar. Our calendars will open in separate tabs. Customize your calendar view by month, week or day using the menu on the top right of each calendar. Our Events Calendar includes 5 categories:

  • Advertised: Commercial events advertised on our email service.
  • General: Events not specific to the Jewish Kehillo (such as neighbourhood carnivals).
  • Hebcal Hebrew: Jewish dates, Yomim Tovim, Licht Bentchen and their like.
  • Kohol: Community Events
  • Private: Private events (inc. h”y unfavorable).
  • Weekly: Weekly and regular events

Should you only wish to view select categories, select the arrow to the right of the Events Calendar menu to uncheck those categories you don’t wish to view.

This page will be replaced next week IY”H by our Blog page.

Jewish Calendar provided free for all by Hebcal (licensed under CC BY 3.0).

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